Like many creatives I started out when I was but very little. I would paint, do handicrafts and crochet doilies with my gran. Unfortunately,  I too had to grow up and was now facing the problems

What to do with my talents?
Painting? Drawing? Weaving friendship ribbons? Carving canes? (I actually tried that when I inherited my grandpas carving knife) Mangas?!

After some frustration, many experiments and several years of creative breaks (I even took a short trip into fashion), something slowly revealed itself:

I’m a fan of crisp lines and bold materials. Edding. Pen. Lines that are either there or not there.

Since I have always been amused about the many funny creatures that evolution has produced, picking a motif was never difficult. Btw. my favorite animals are the Kakapo and the Pangolin, you should definitely google them.

By a lucky coincidence (thanks, former roommate Martin) I came across relief printing. In a flash, I remembered art class and how I was the only one who loved linoprinting. So I dug out my old tools and got going. I never felt more passion about a technique and didn’t stop printmaking since. I love the entire process, sketching, figuring out shapes and layers, carving, and finally the first test print.

At first I handprinted with the cheapest, water-soluble inks and achieved results that were more or less okay. A huge milestone for me was moving to a professional studio. With the sudden improvement of my prints qualitywise, my claim has grown steadily. I switched to higher quality paper and started printing editions.

“Why aren’t you selling your work?” more and more people started asking.

Now thats just riddiculous, I thought to myself. But well, why not give it a go? And behold, contrary to my expectations someone actually bought one of my prints! It was a small chanterelle on a green background, I still remember it vividly.

After a few more of these curious incidents I finally found the courage to register as a freelancer and became a sidepreneur.

And here we are.